Having a confirmed case of someone infected with a bacteria or virus is not a piece of good news. For a commercial or residential case, it will certainly make others unsecured and concerned about contamination. Troy Shield Confirmed Case Program will offer to test areas and measure surface contamination levels using an ATP Meter. This package includes disinfectant areas and applying our Self-Sanitizing Coating known as Spartan CT-100.

We also have to deep clean areas before we sanitize and throw out the surfaces. In order for disinfection to work properly, it must be applied to clean surfaces. Troy Shield Services will offer additional deep cleaning packages to ensure your home or business is completely TROY SHIELD SAFE!

We also disinfect frequently touched areas such as door handles, electronics, and horizontal surfaces under 4 ft known as touchpoints. Troy Shield sanitation program has the professional steps to sanitize and keep your home safe from the invisible intruders. We are the future of sanitation.

Whether indoors or outdoors, our effective sanitizing products not only will help you eliminate contamination from all types of surfaces but will also serve as a shield to maintain those surfaces disinfected and sanitized for many months. 

Our complete Residential Services offer peace of mind to consumers. As a Central Florida business, we proudly serve the counties of Polk, Osceola, Orange, Seminole, Lake, and all other Central Florida regions. Anytime you need sanitation our team of professionals is ready to help. 

We count with the highest quality EPA and non-EPA products such as our one of a kind disinfectant known as Spartan-DS100. Our disinfectant is approved by laboratories and known to bring levels of contamination to a minimum. It doesn't end there, after disinfecting the area we shield with a Premium self-sanitizing coating known as Spartan-CT100 which is formulated to fight microorganisms continuously for up to 6 months.

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