Dealer Opportunity


Our Mission

To provide a safer environment for our communities and businesses. Our success will only be achieved by finding and delivering the right products, the right services, and the proper education to our communities and everyone we have the privilege to serve.

Our Vision

To create the healthiest and safest environment possible for the communities and businesses we serve.   

Prospect Support

Take advantage of our sophisticated sales system. As an authorized Dealer we will provide you the tools to help you grow your business.          


What is a Dealer?

At Troy Shield, we look to partner with other entrepreneurs who share our vision and values. A Dealer is a community partner. It is an individual or group that meets our desire of offering quality products and exceptional service while dealing honestly and fairly.

Certification and Training

We believe that education and training is the most important key to success at any level in any business. Once a Dealer, that is when the education begins. Our Dealers are not only trained and equipped to service the marketplace. Our Dealers are educated and certified to manage the complexities and important aspects of our business.

Professional Equipment

 When joining Troy Shield as a Dealer, you are an extension of our business and reputation. Therefore, we will provide you with the right tools and equipment for you to be successful in the field. You will have to look no further to equip yourself for the day to day of your operations. By using our own brand of products, everything you need can be found in-house.

Opportunity - Your Own Online Shop

Our authorized dealers will be able to provide their customers with an online solution for retail products and reoccurring services.
Have your own back office login and control your sales.